What are the characteristics of plastic container bags with different materials  Time:2020-06-01

Do you know what materials are used for plastic container bags? There are many container bag manufacturers in the sales market, but the materials used to produce and process plastic container bags are PE materials or PP materials, the root cause is these two materials. Both have excellent cold resistance and excellent organic chemical reliability.

For plastic utensils made of these two materials, which is more powerful? In industrial production, it also includes prepolymer of butadiene and small amount of cyclohexanol. High pressure polyethylene is odorless and nontoxic. It feels like wax. It has excellent cold resistance and excellent organic chemical reliability. It can bear most of the strong acid and strong alkali etching. It does not dissolve general organic solvents at normal temperature. It has low moisture content and high edge performance. Butadiene is very sensitive to the stress of natural environment and has poor high temperature embrittlement resistance. FIBC made of PE is easy to embrittle and must be maintained carefully. PP is a kind of semi junction crystal material. It is harder than PE and has higher melting point.

When the PP temperature of homopolymer type is higher than 0 ℃, the plastic container bag is very brittle. As a result, many commercial PP materials are irregular prepolymers with a water content ratio of 1-4% butadiene or higher. Prepolymer.

PP type polymer type has low burning deformation temperature, low definition, low glossiness and low rigidity, but it has stronger impact compressive strength. With the increase of water content of butadiene, the compressive strength of PP increased. The Vicat softening temperature of PP is 150 ℃. Because of its high grain size, the material has excellent surface strength and scratch resistance. The bulk bag made of PP material is more expensive.

In a word, the plastic container bag made of PE or PP material has its own advantages, but in comparison, the container bag made of PP material has stronger performance. Strength, service performance, compressive strength, etc. are stronger than PE material, but the price will be more expensive.